Changi Bethany Schoolhouse

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Changi Bethany School-House (CBSH) is operated by Changi Bethany Church.  We are dedicated to the provision of a quality preschool education and care that encompasses the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Creative, Emotional and Spiritual domains in early childhood development. We appreciate and respect the multi-cultural diversity of the community around us. Therefore, the preschool welcomes children from all nationality, ethnic groups and religions.



不要怕要放心 现代人常常生活在担惊受怕中, 害怕:丢掉工作、失去健康、找不到适合的配偶、...

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Our Church Building Project

As you may know, we celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2014 and we are thankful to God’s grace, which has brought us to wh...

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2017年度成年班级主日学 日期:05/02/2017 – 17/12/2017 地点:嘉麦厅 时间:主日11AM- 12PM 导师:陈召圣...

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