Changi Bethany Church is located at 13th km Changi, on a 4500 sqft land. The church was founded on No.31 Lorong Chabai, and villagers mainly planted vegetables and reared chicken as a living, believing in the traditional Chinese religions.

Our church’s location was donated by elderly sister Lu Ti Gu (吕梯姑老姐妹), originally meant for a retirement home. However, after years of management, Preacher Wu Shu De (吴淑德女传道) who was just retired at that time, deeply felt the villagers’ need for the gospel. Hence the decision was changed to build a preaching centre.


The estate trust committee was formed by four elders, Luo Jia Mai, Lin Tong Xiu, Yan Gong Feng and Xie Bing Huang (骆嘉麦、林同秀、颜拱枫和谢秉煌). They started the building plans for the church, and ‘Bethany Church’ was given its name after the completion of the building.

Sister Wang Man Nong (王曼侬姐妹), whom graduated from the Singapore Bible College was appointed as the first preacher.

Sunday School for children was formed.


Preacher Wang Man Nong (王曼侬传道) who was loyal in serving God and hardworking, towed away in this forsaken village for over ten years. She established a strong spiritual foundation for Bethany Church. At that time, the number of registered church goers was only about ten.


Young adult fellowship was formed.


Preacher Richard Teo (张贻福传道) took over as the second preacher in September.

Youth fellowship was formed.


With God’s grace, the church had many new developments. Besides the youth fellowship, and weekly prayer meetings, we also added the bible study class, pre-marriage counselling class and youth prayer meeting. Besides these outstanding developments, we also started to be financially independent.


Joined as a member of the Presbyterian Church of Singapore. As there was a fellow church with the same name, our church was therefore re-named as ‘Changi Bethany Church’ on 25th September.

Taiwan’s Living Water Fellowship visited and we organised the first large scale evangelical rally.

The first Church Elder-Deacon Session was formed.


Due to the increase in congregation size, the church building is expanded again, and an annex was built for Sunday school purposes. At the same time, sector home worship was created in different area to take care of member’s spiritual lives.


Rev. Zhou Zhu Pei (周主培牧师) from Hong Kong presided over the inaugural Revival Meeting over two nights.


Due to the increasing number of english speaking youth, the English language worship was started.

Sisters fellowship was formed.


The church grounds were being acquired by the government and we had to consider a location shift.


The inaugural church-building fund raising walkathon.

Preacher Ye Wei Qiang (叶伟强传道) appointed to take charge of English language worship.

Elder Li Hua appointed as the first church elder in December.

Adult fellowship was formed.


Pastor Richard Teo was appointed as the first church pastor.


The four fellowships were renamed:

Sisters as Meekness fellowship;

Young Adult as Temperance fellowship

Adult as Compassion fellowship;

Youth as Joy fellowship


Peace fellowship was formed to cater to the needs of our elderly brothers


The original slate of land was returned to the government for other developments.


Moved from Lorong Chabai to Joo Chiat Presbyterian Centre for worship.


Organised a musical event, named ‘Praise 89’ to raise funds for church-building.


Preacher Pan Long Zheng (潘隆正传道) was the first preacher sent by our church to serve in Bethany Church in Cebu, Philippines in February.

Organised the first Carnival fund raiser at the Presbyterian centre in June.


Ground-breaking and thanksgiving worship for the church building in July.


New Life Evangelism Training

Second fund raising walkathon in May

Second Carnival in December


Organised the Lunar New Year worship in an underground Pasir Ris bomb shelter.

Borrowed Holy Grace Church (圣恩堂) for evening Worship when the Presbyterian centre land was taken up.

Rented container space as interim church office in December.


Moved to the current location after completion of first phase building project. At the same time, we celebrated our 30th anniversary in May.

Faith fellowship was formed.

Third fund raising walkathon in January.

Our Kindergarten was established in July.


Commenced student tuition centre

Fellowship Ministry was formed.

Fourth fund raising walkathon

Third carnival in September


Elder Liang Say Meng (龙仕明长老)was ordinated in November.

Preacher Peter Yeo (姚美德传道) was appointed in July.


The ground-breaking ceremony of second phase church building was marked by a symbolic tile presentation and thanksgiving in June.

Fifth fund-raising walkathon in August.

Student tuition centre was closed.


Completion of the second phase church building, church dedication ceremony was held in August.

Peace fellowship and Love fellowship were combined and renamed as Gentleness fellowship.

Temperance fellowship and Faith Fellowship were combined and renamed as Patience fellowship.


English service was formed while the existing English worship was renamed as Morning Service.

Elders Session was formed.

Inaugural Mission Conference in March.

Fourth carnival


The newly formed English language Morning Service received autonomy.

Five new elders were ordinated in November: Lu Yong Fu, Huang Wei Da, Cai Qing Pei (吕永富,黄伟达, 蔡庆培), Peter Chuang and Lee Kuan Kien.


Joint Building Committee was formed.

Morning Service was dissolved and merged into English Service in December.


Temperance fellowship was merged into Gentleness fellowship.

Rev. Huang Zhu Lun (黄朱伦牧师) was appointed as the interim Moderator in July.


Sixth fund raising walkathon in January

Fifth carnival in September.


Church 40th Anniversary thanksgiving celebrations.

Commenced discipleship training course in September.

Library was opened in February.

The English Service organised its Church Meeting, named as Hope Presbyterian Church.

Youth Worship was formed.


Hope Presbyterian Church gained its independence and joined as a member of The Presbyterian Church in Singapore.

Mandarin-Hokkien worship renamed as Hokkien Worship.

Established Vision Development Committee in July.

Inaugural Discipleship Training Course graduation on 6 Mar.


Commenced the annual Parent’s day evangelical rally(孝亲爱邻布道会).


In order to expand the Church, five functional committees were formed: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Mission and Ministry.

Rev. Pan Long Zheng (潘隆正牧师) appointed as the interim moderator on pro bono.


Rev. Richard Teo  (张贻福牧师)retired on 5 July; His spouse and him were appointed local missionaries.

Meekness and Peace fellowships were merged as ‘Seniors Fellowship’.


Commenced regular night theology classes, making them available for church goers in the East.

Commenced Pastoral, Elders & Deacons retreat in June.

Mission work training in February.

Biblical historic sites study tour in June.

Ended hokkien dialect translation service, Chinese-hokkien worship was transformed into Hokkien worship, Chinese language merged with Young adult worship into Chinese language worship; Sectorised prayer meetings were also made to become fellowships.


Commenced seniors’ activities in July.

Rev. Chau Soo Kheong  (曹树强牧师) appointed as the second Moderator in September.


Adopted Home of Grace and Bang Sa Village Church from Chiang Rai province as our overseas mission point.


Changed the existing 1-day Pastoral staff working camp that was held locally to 3 days 2 night Pastoral staff working camp held in Malaysia.

Sunday morning prayers moved to the main hall.

After registering as a society, we signed a Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with the Presbyterian church of Singapore.

Christmas Evangelical Rally in December.


Good Friday and Easter Spiritual Revival meeting with Pastor Liu Qing Qian (刘清虔牧师) in March.

Church future plans sharing session in July.

Organised Discipleship Spiritual Revival meeting with Rev. Joseph Tong (唐崇怀牧师) in September.

To better integrate church resources and to meet the missionary demands on the new University, the Hokkien worship was ended, combining with Chinese worship.

Pastoral, Elders & Deacons working camp in October.

Wu Hong Di (吴鸿弟) was ordinated as an elder.

Kindergarten re-modelled as a child care centre, named as Changi Bethany School House.

Reorganised the library and re-opened as ‘Ling Liang Ge’ (灵粮阁)


Submitted the land lease renewal applications to the relevant agencies.

Organised our church 50th Anniversary ceremony with theme as ‘Re-offering the altar, Towards Christ’(重献祭坛,奔向基督)